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Translation work
The Lord has given His worldwide church a most valuable heritage of spiritual 
literature. At a young age I was already reading books written by our (English) forefathers and, at a certain moment, I thought, ‘How nice to translate such books, so that many more people will be able to read them!’ That was the beginning of a hobby which developed into my daily job. For the last 15 years I have worked as a freelancer for several reformed publishers and other clients, also for private persons.

I translate from and into English, as well as from French. The assignments that I get vary from major theological works to volumes of sermons, from biographies to children’s books, from letters to hymns, from articles to business assignments such as translating a website.

My special field is the writings of the Reformers and Puritans, as well as other authors in that tradition. I find it a challenge to produce faithful and yet readable translations. I also enjoy updating the language of old books. 

Some books that I have translated from Dutch into English are:
- God's Wonderful Guidance, an autobiography
by Salomon Duijtsch (1734-1795), a converted Jewish Rabbi
- In Remembrance of Me, about the Lord's Supper, 
by Rev. C. de Jongste (1946-2010)
- Young people in Babylon, a devotional for young people

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