Hymns and poems

Throughout the ages, English, French, and German Christianity has received a treasure of spiritual hymns with a rich content. 


The Puritan minister and poet Isaac Watts put all the Psalms in rhyme and wrote about 750 hymns;

Charles Wesley wrote at least 5.000 hymns; 

Paul Gerhardt ca. 150; 

Henri Abraham César Malan more than 1.000;
William Williams above 900; 

Joseph Hart ca. 225;

John Newton ca. 300; 

Fanny Crosby more than 8.000;

Nicolai Ludwig von Zinzendorf ca. 2.000;

Horatius Bonar ca. 600, etc.

English hymns translated into Dutch

Many Dutch hymns in fact are translations (sometimes of hymns by very well-known authors).

I collected the first lines of English hymns which have been translated into Dutch in a long alphabetical list.

You can download it here.